When you go to work, you may use  public transport or go by car. In order to get where you want to be, infrastructure is required. When you hear the term infrastructure you may think of roads; however, it also includes other aspects like energy, transport, and communication-technology. In some countries, infrastructure is well organized such as in the Netherlands, while other countries lack of infrastructure. This infrastructure is interrelated to technical innovation which makes infrastructure possible. Lack of technical progress results in no innovation. This technical progress may result in the creation of news as more people are needed for the technology sector. The ninth sustainable development goal addresses the aspects of industry, innovation and infrastructure.

This week, we want to share with you an organisation that deals with the sustainable development goal industry, innovation and infrastructure: Techwomen

Techwomen, an American organisation, is aimed at women and it has its affiliation in  various countries. One of its affiliation is called TechWomen Zimbabwe which aims at ensuring that innovation exists in Zimbabwe and study programmes like technology, science, and maths is more chosen by women. The organisation adressess the ninth sustainable development goal in various ways. One way is that  the organisation used apps and internet to contact people living in certain areas.  The use of internet and these apps enabled women to sell their products and expand their business.

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