There he was. Out of the blue. Visual artist Edwin Stoop. A bee, don’t know who it was, told him about Bee-Collective. He must have got inspired, because he turned up at the co-creation we organized in August for our communication plan. He put down his bag full of creative stuff, rolled out, 1, 2, 3,4…5! meters of paper, hung it up on the Impact Hub’s wall and started drawing. He drew, and drew, and drew. To visualize what Bee-Collective is all about. What a cool guy this Edwin. To just turn up and start drawing.

Here is the result. Relax! Take your time.

Cool hey!

Then, after the co-creation he sent us an email. It went like this.

"Hey Margreet

Cool meeting that was today. My thoughts are starting to get some structure.

Here they are.

I see great opportunities. Connecting people and their initiatives by using a different way of thinking and doing is Bee-Collective biggest strength.

The house will be full on the 20th of November, no doubt. Question is, how do we attract those people that can truly add value to Bee-Collective?

Everything depends on the story. The Why, the How, the What.

First the Why. That’s clear.

We’re living on a beautiful planet. Yet, we’ve made a big mess of it. We know now that the old school approach doesn’t work. On the contrary, it makes our problems worse. So we’re facing many Wicked Problems. They are scattered around the world, yet play a part in everyone’s everyday lives.

Now the How.

The How lies in the idea of Swarm Intelligence. Swarm Intelligence is a vision with fundamentals that lay in design thinking. It’s a vision which allows people to start DOING things DIFFERENTLY.

Then the What.

Perhaps the best possible outcome on the 20th of November is a group of connected people who organize themselves around a Wicked Problem, who will actually take action and set up a business-model. How this business-model will look, we’ll have to see.

Now have a look at this picture.

It is a curve which shows the flow of a crowd that gets connected. On the left you see the innovators. These are the people that come up with crazy ideas and dare to take a risk.

What I see around me though is that there are two groups of people who precede these innovators.

The Crazy Fools.

These are the people who have a great mind. They come up with totally insane ideas. They fully grasp the What If-question and dare to confront themselves with it too.

The Frontrunners.

These people are rebels. They believe the crazy fool, because they see something and think…wow, now that’s cool! Together with the crazy fools they build on the insane idea.

On the 20th of November we’ll take a first step. Tackling social-cultural problems isn’t new. What’s new is a our approach.

We will take steps, fall, get up again, design, prototype and show that this can be done with a different approach, away from the usual, traditional structures. Then we’re going to turn it into businesses. Because doing good can go hand in hand with making money.

I need to go now.

Mind is empty.

See you next week"


Which is exactly what he did. Cause a few weeks later, here we are, at Bee Collective’s first prototype session at the Impact Hub in Amsterdam. And looking to my left, there he is again, in front of a paper wall, with his black and yellow pegs, drawing yet another business visual.

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