Social Media Bee

Job Description

Are you ready to make a contribution to solving complex world problems and to combine this with your favourite pastime, the effective deployment of social media? Are you literate about Wicked Problems, Swarms, Swarm Intelligence, Livestream, Swarm Tokens, Pop-Up Companies or ready to become acquainted with them? Are you eager to engage with a growing team of professionals who believe that we have to get organised to make the difference as to where we are going in matters of climate, the education system, the political order and other ‘wicked problems’?

Can you write as easily in English as in Dutch? 

Bee Collective ( is a new form of organising in which a group of people (the Swarm) organises along democratic lines in temporary companies (Pop-up Companies) to elaborate solutions for the big problems in the world: the climate, poverty, the current education system, the current system of care, the migrant crisis. We call these issues Wicked Problems.

Jointly with the Partnership Resource Center (Erasmus University), Seats2Meet, Impact Hub, Pakhuis de Zwijger, 1%Club and Bee Network we organise a worldwide Kick-off for this new form of organising on 20 November. At different venues here and abroad Wicked Problem sessions will be organised to disentangle various issues by groups of 10 to 20 people. People from the Swarm volunteer for a task and set to work on it. Together they constitute a Pop-up Company. After a previously agreed period the Pop-up company dissolves itself again. The contents are purchased by an organisation or an individual. Whoever has invested time or money gets a return.  

What we are offering:

  • The chance to develop your skills in various domains (social skills, writing skills, knowledge and skills in the area of setting up new ventures)
  • The chance to flourish in a setting where everyone is finding their own way
  • Collaboration with a community of nice, inspiring and positive people
  • Interesting and extensive network of partners (Seats2Meet, Impact Hub, Pakhuis de Zwijger, 1%Club, Tegenlicht)

What we are asking:

  • You are an expert in producing creative content for Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram
  • Your are an expert in Social Media
  • You write excellent English
  • You are pro-active and are capable of working independently without being micro-managed,  

Is this you?

In that case send a brief motivation and a CV to