Today, the third and final day of the Accelerate Your Collective  started. During the three days event,  Pop Up companies have been working very hard on their Pop Up Companies by carrying out various activities such as design thinking,  creating a business  model canvas etcera. The following Pop Up Companies were present today: Refugees & Local Mothers,  and New Expat Event.

The day started with a short introduction of the programme of today. Followed by  Bram Alkema’s presentation on the business model canvas . During his presentation, he explained the various business model canvases that there were. As an example Google was used for explaining a business model canvas, and the customers, revenue, channels and proposition were discussed for Google. Afterwards, the Pop Up Companies had to make a business model canvas for their Pop Up Companies and define customers, proposition, channel, and revenue. After they made a business model canvas for their Pop Up Companies,  Bram Alkema explained resources,  balansheets, partnerships, costs, and revenue. All these things Pop Up Companies had to include in their business model canvas and explain what they were for their Pop Up Companies.

Then, it was up to Art Hordijk  to give a presentation on hollocracy. In his presentation, he defined hollocracy as starting an organisation in a different way. It is purpose-driven. The purpose clarifies the organizational identity and the organizational intention. In his presentation, it was also clear that each role has a purpose, and the roles provide various meetings. In order to apply what was said about hollocracy, Pop Up Companies had to  take a look on what their roles within their Pop Up Companies could be .

The exercise on looking on the roles within their Pop Up Companies was continued by Dr Roberto Valenti's presentation on the block chain. In this presentation, he explained the block chain and  tokens. As Pop Up Companies have been carrying out activities for their Pop up Companies and listening to presentations from 10 o'clock, it became  time to destress them through the exercise of searching in ourselves. In this exercise, they had to close their eyes and move their feet.

Further, the bootcamp continued with Margreet de Pijl's presentation on planning and funding.  During the presentation, the following steps were explained that Pop Up Companies had to include: planning, financial planning, agreement contract with various steps, and reason and contribution. They started directly working on these steps after the presentation. It was also moment they started working on their pitch presentations. In the evening, they presented their pitch to the audience which included people from the swarm, acquaintances and friends. Each person had the opportunity to ask some questions to the Pop Up Companies, and these Pop Up Companies managed to respond all questions.  Their presentations were followed by  Alide Roervink's video on the Sustainable Development  Goals. Her video on the Sustainable Development Goals was related to the presentation of a person from the audience on her organization. In order to end the Accelerate Your Collective , there was a cocktail party where Pop Up companies had the opportunity to network for their Pop Up Companies.