You  may ever  have heard of the British program Escape to the Country. In this programme, people living in  big English cities such as Manchester  try to escape from these crowded cities and move to countries where everything is quite. You may wonder why would someone live in the country, where there are less shops and less activities carry out. Furthermore, countries include less population, whereas you’ll always find something  to do in the cities and they are populated. Did you know that half of  world’s population lives in cities?  This number will  increase in the future. However, as more people move to cities seeking for a better life, housing issues become a problem. Some people may be living in miserable conditions in slum-dogs like favella’s in Brazil or slumdogs in India. Moreover, waste, air pollution, and lack of infrastructure may be attributed to  growing cities. This is where the eleventh sustainable development is all about. It addresses making cities and human settlements, resilient, and sustainable.

We want to share with you an organization that deals with this sustainable development goal: Clean Air Asia. The Cities Clean Air  aims at combating air pollution in Asian cities, improving air quality  and making cities healthier. In order to achieve these goals, Asian cities acquire Clean Air Scorecards. These scorecards enable cities to assess the air quality in their cities, resulting in actions that should be taken. Moreover, assistance is provided to these cities  in training, financial support, and  collaboration support. It can also be said that cities obtain the opportunity to exchange  learning outcomes and innovation ideas to address air pollution.

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