The fifth sustainable development goal is clean water and sanitation. You may have heard of this sustainable development  goal before  and think that it is only about having access to clean water and sanitary  facilities worldwide. On the other hand, this sustainable development goal is more than having access to clean water and sanitary facilities.  It is also about providing quality and sustainable water resources and water.  

In developed countries, people have access to clean water and sanitary facilities. For example, in the Netherlands, people have access to clean tap water and toilet. However, this is not the case for everyone.  Although the access of drink water has been improved since 1990, it can be said that 650 billion of people still do not have access to clean water.  Lack of clean water may  affect people’s live, and it may have severe consequences. The following  consequences may be attributed to lack of clean water: diseases,  less education orfood shortages.

When it comes to  sanitation, it can be regarded as important. Sanitation such as toilets prevent diseases to be spread as people go to the toilet instead of outdoor. Sanitation is considered as normal  in some countries; however, there are countries that lack of sanitation.

This week, we want to share with you the organizations Rural Water Network Supply and Aqua for All that contributes to the sustainable development goal clean water and sanitation.
In order to provide water in these countries where there is lack of water, the Rural Water Network Supply, a network of water organizations, cooperates with other water organizations, and together they improve water services and provide water supply in these countries.   Compared to the organization Rural Water network Supply, the organization Aqua for All also deals with  sanitation. Aqua for All, an organization created by the Dutch Water sector, provides expertise to countries on how to deal with challenges regarding water, hygiene, and sanitation. As a result, people will  have access to water and sanitation in these countries.

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