The tenth sustainable development is all about  reduced inequalities. This time it is not about inequalities between women and men, but about countries. Did you know that countries do have inequalities regarding income? According to a research on income differences within countries published by the OECD, countries like Iceland, Norway and Denmark have a small  difference in inequality in income. The Netherlands takes the twelfth position when it comes to  the difference in inequality in income. Other countries like Mexico or the United States of America have a huge difference in inequality in income. Both of them are ranked on 35th and 34th positions. Although there is a difference in inequality in income between countries , countries also have to deal with inequality inside in their countries. Furthermore, discrimination emerges in countries as not everyone has the same chances.

This week, we want to share with you a platform that addresses the sustainable development goal reduced inequalities:Box full of hopes and dreams. Box full of hopes and dreams  with  the community center Field in a Box aim at creating a better world. Their goal is  related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In order to achieve this, people can post their  dreams and wishes on the  online platform of Box full  of hopes and dreams. These dreams and wishes will all be collected, and they will be realised  by the Box full of hopes and dreams and the community center Field in a Box. The latter contributes in severals way in addressing inequalities. For example, it provides integration or it contributes to an ecologic, economic and social development.

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