Update 31st of October

Today, the participants of the New Expat Event received: 

  1. Career coaching from the Nyenrode Business University; 
  2. The opportunity to expand their network; 
  3. Their cv's have been sent to possible matching companies by our Nyenrode Pop Up Company (PUC)

Are you interested in participating in a future edition of the New Expat Event?  Get in touch with us through info@bee-collective.com. 


We’re proud to announce an event hosted by our Nyenrode Pop Up Company (PUC); containing a group of socially-involved and extremely motivated (MSc) students. The goal of the New Expat Event is to match ICT company's vacancies with New Expats - a more welcoming reference for refugees - who are suited for the positions. 

Filling an open IT position with a New Expat provides many benefits, including: 

  • Subsidies from the government when hiring New Expats
  • Positions the company as socially responsible and helps differentiate on the market
  • Exposure on our media channels
  • Fresh and multicultural perspectives by highly motivated new members of society
  • ICT is similar around the globe; lower introductory training required

The New Expats attending this event will be selected according to company requirements by the Municipality of Amsterdam, the students’ partner for this project.

The event will be an organized 4-hour networking session with lunch. 

Date: 31 October 2016, 9.00-13.00
Location: Hotel Casa400, Amsterdam

We’d like to invite IT companies to sign up through this link.

Let’s make it our social responsibility to help as many New Expats as possible to enter the job market, and reduce their dependency on the state! 

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us, or the Nyenrode PUC initiator: Daniela Resch daniela.resch.2809@gmail.com.