Enactus Women Helping Women

When you think of the sustainable development goal gender equality, you may think of theequality between males and females in terms of wages. However, it is more than that. The sustainable development goal gender equality revolves aroundadvocating the same rights for women as men have; making an end to violence against women,  and human trafficking regarding girls and women; ensuring girl’s access to education; reducing child’smarriage; ending female genital mutilation/cutting worldwide; and assuring that women participate in politics.
This week, we want to share with you Enactus Women Helping Women that contributes to the sustainable development goal gender equality. Today, I had the opportunity to interview theteam leader of Enactus Women Helping Women on Enactus Women Helping Women. The latter is a start-up and part of Enactus, which is an international organization composed of students, business leaders, and academics where students learn in an entrepreneurial way to help to turn society (world) into a better place. Enactus Women Helping Women aims at empowering women andreintergratingteenagers who have children in society. In order to help these women reintergrate and participate in society, there are workshops. One of these workshops is a workshop where these teenagers make bags and desgin them personally. At the end, these bags will be sold. The money that is gained byselling these bags can be used by these teenagers to be invested in themselves. In order words, money is used to provide their needs such clothes, food etc.
If you want to help/support Enactus Women Helping Women, you may go to the website http://enactuseur.nl/, where you'll find information on how to help/support. Contact information can also be found on the website. Furthermore, Enactus Women Helping Women can also be contacted through their Facebook page Women Helping Women onthe following link:  https://www.facebook.com/whwenactus/
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