Hi Everyone!

I am Bikundo Onyari, business coach, trainer and Art of Hosting practitioner based in Nairobi, Kenya and one of the initiators of the Bee Collective Accelerator here.

I have expertise in assisting leaders build stronger, more effective teams with over 10 years’ experience in leadership development, consultancy experience, advising, training and coaching for the corporate,  SME's and development organizations. As an accomplished people development professional, my expertise lies in leadership development, conflict resolution and team dynamics giving me the ability to help teams think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations that allow for reflection and inquiry leading to change.

Last year (2015), a colleague and me, Judith Stermerdink-Herrret hosted a Wicked World – Bee Collective session with the theme: “Potato Losses, Value Chain Efficiency and Food Security” in the Nailab, an innovation hub for social businesses in Nairobi, Kenya. The session formed part of the Bee Collective Festival in which various wicked problems were addressed in the several locations across the globe. More of the event last year can be read here: Session Nairobi. The Bee Collective Hyve Kenya, wishes to address the wicked problem concerning food security by starting to prioritize the 10 ideas that came out of last years session and select three to work with.

This will then lead to a three day hackathon to focus on the possibility to set up new form of organizations called Pop Up Companies designed to work on these ideas. A project plan is currently being developed for this. This is expected to be the first event in Kenya as we prepare to have the Kenyan accelerator in place before March 2017.

To make this possible, I am currently working to develop a Kenyan team so that we are able to form solid foundation. I am having conversations with different colleagues I have worked with in the past and come together for half a day of conversation. In Kenya we are keen not to reinvent the wheel since there are a lot of impressive projects happening here and we want to tap into this and partner with like-minded organizations.

There are other activities that are currently taking shape, for instance last week, I met the Nairobi Dutch Embassy First Secretary, Melle. With the purpose of exploring possible partnerships that could be critical at the stage for the Kenyan accelerator. Finally we are starting a mapping exercise to identify social entrepreneurs in Kenya working in the food security sector. This will build up to the hackathon where we will invite some of them to come and work on the identified wicked problem.

Would you like to know more about the Bee Collective Accelerator Kenya, or if you have any ideas, please don't hesitate and get in contact with me!

Greetings Bikundo Onyari