Dreams, ambitions, challenges, solutions and Next Steps.

Bee Collective first Wicked Problem Session, held on the 4th of September, took a team of 25 people on a mind-, heart- and handson-trip to unravel the Wickedness of Living Wage.


Visual artist Edwin Stoop drew this mind-blowing piece during the day.

Artist Edwin Stoop's visual impression. Click to enlarge.


A living wage is the minimum wage any family on this planet should earn to be able to live a decent living. Living wage is an important right and part of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Millions of people on this planet live a life below the standards of Living Wage.

On the 4th of September Bee Collective, together with the Partnership Resource Centre organized a Wicked Problem Session.


We brought together a group of people who together formed a 360 degree point of view on the Wicked Problem. Everybody brought in their expertise, experience and opinion. We asked them not to reveal the organization they worked for, so everyone could talk freely, without being stigmatized. In stages the group revealed their minds and their hearts, to then put their thoughts, feelings and ideas into Next Steps, into action. On November 20 we are going to present the Next Steps on the crowdsourcing platform. You, as part of the swarm, can sign in on the actions that need to be taken.

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