Hello! I am Tiago Vilas Boas, a designer and social entrepreneur from Sao Paulo and have the intention of co-creating the Bee Collective Accelerator Brazil together with Carolina Becker,  anthropologist and social entrepreneur.

On Thursday, the 9th of June, 12 people got together on a veryyyy cold day in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, for the first MeetUp of Bee Collective Brazil with the intention of meeting others that are also seeking solutions for social and environmental challenges.

At first everybody introduced themselves and then the history and concept of Bee Collective International was presented and discussed. The idea of the night was to start with the co- creation of the Bee Collective Accelerator in Brazil.

Our intention of the Bee Collective Accelerator in Brazil was shared as:
'To host and co create global solutions together that involve all the actors affecting and affected by the problem with a model that's decentralized and distributed, representative and sustainable.'

After this, everybody was invited to come up with a problem that mobilizes him or her (and millions of others all over the world) and to write it down:

. A description of the problem that mobilizes them and millions of people
. What he or she is offering to solve this problem and,
. Who they think that should be involved and welcomed to the table to discuss the problem and create solutions.

Problems that amongst others emerged were: Water pollution, Food waste and Insufficient empathy with others. Everybody was then invited to write down suggestions on other people's papers.

At the end of the meeting we had a moment where everyone could say what they would like to add to the purpose and intention of Bee Collective Brazil as described in the presentation. It is important for the Bee Collective Accelerator in Brazil to show that other ideas and dreams are welcomed to the organization.

We closed the evening by exchanging contacts and sharing new ideas and thoughts for the next meeting. One idea for the following meet up was to define which problem will be focused on at first and to map out all the actors involved in this particular problem.

I felt that the energy of this group of people coming together around this theme was already a step in the right direction to achieve change. A small step maybe, however giving big hope to believe that one small first action will be able to transform lives in the future.

Greetings Tiago