After a student graduates from university, (s)he has to search for a job. It can be that (s)he will have difficulty in searching a job and not be able to find one. As a result, (s)he will remain unemployed. In some countries, benefits would be offered to unemployees until they have found a job. Nonetheless, in other countries, unemployees would have to deal with poverty. Furthermore, countries which offer benefits to unemployees should create more jobs  for them. The eight sustainable development goal decent work and economic growth deals with  this unemployment. Moreover, the goal includes  the aspect child labour.  In some countries like India, children start working at a young in order to support their parents to nourish the whole family. These children work in manufactories where clothes are made, and it can be said that these children work in miserable circumstances. Not only children work in miserable circumstances,  adults as well.  All humans should be working in proper and good conditions and circumstances. Consequently, the eight sustainable development goal economic growth and decent work deals with this child labour, unemployement and work conditions.

This week, we want to share with you an organization that deal with this sustainable development goal:Youth Economic Empowerment Plan Nederland

Youth Economic Empowerment- Plan Nederland

Plan is an international organisation established in several countries. It aims at combating poverty in these countries and helping girls. One of its  affliation is situated in the Netherlands called Plan Nederland. Plan Nederland has one programme that focuses on unemployment in youth unemployment in developing countries called Youth Economic Empowerment. The goal of Youth Economic Empowerment is to reduce youth unemployment in  developing countries. On its website, you’ll see one of Youth Economic Empowerment in India.

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