During the winter, you turn on the heat because it is freezing. In order to have a warm heat, energy is required to produce  electricity that creates warmth. We need energy for work, living, well-being and welfare. Energy can be found worldwide; however,  millions of people worldwide don’t have energy?

The energy we use may have its origin in various sources. The following  sources of energy are used to generate power: solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, nuclear power and fossil fuels.  The latter can be running down due to use of them by companies. Moreover, the use of fossil fuels may result in pollution as  companies emit Co2.  For this reason, another durable source of energy needs to be found instead of still depending on fossil fuels, and all humans should be able to afford energy. That is all what the seventh sustainable development goal affordable and clean energy revolves around.

This week, we want to share with you two organizations that deal with this sustainable development goal: Hivos people unlimited and Solar Energy Program.

Hivos people unlimited, an international organization, deals with several world issues, and it sets up projects to solve these issues. This organization is situated  in various countries, and  one of the issues it addresses is durable energy. It has a programme for durable energy which aims at companies, governments and people without  access to energy.It is through this programme that  humans will be informed on durable energy, and persuaded of its good use. In order to persuade people of the use of durable energy, Hivos offered affordable and clean  energy to the poorest through the provision of technical tools to create affordable and clean energy.

Solar Energy  International is an international organization that aims at offering clean and affordable energy to those who do not have access to energy, and  it cooperates with universities and governments. In order to provide clean and affordable energy, trainings are offered to communities, locals etc to create durable energy.

If you want to know more on these organizations visit:
https://www.hivos.nl/ or for the English website https://hivos.org/