The Festival

20 November 2015. Bee Collective - Swarm Solutions

On the 20th of November a Swarm of professionals, stakeholders, out of the box thinkers, usual and unusual suspects are going to organise themselves around 8 Wicked Problems. The combination of the present collective intelligence and the Wicked Problem methodology will help them define the first Next Steps to these Wicked Problems.

8 Core teams will then establish 8 Pop Up Companies (PUC) to realise the Next Steps. Everyone from the Swarm can apply to be part of a PUC. The PUC's hold a business model and those who contribute, will both have a democratic say, and profit from the financial, social or material revenue. The revenue is paid in Swarmtokens. 


Bee Collective in 5 steps

Step 1

A company or an organisations introduces a Wicked Problem to Bee Collective

Step 2

A group of stakeholders and people from the Bee Collective Swarm define the first Next Steps in a one-day session on 20th of November. A mission statement and a list of ToDo's are put together.

Step 3

An action team is formed which establishes a Pop Up Company (PUC). People from the Swarm can apply to the list of ToDo's.

Step 4

The action team starts a crowdfunding campaign and/or finds investors for the PUC.

Step 5

When the ToDo's are done, all contributors decide what the next step of the PUC is. Is it ended? Will it continue into a next stage? Are the revenues paid into Swarmtokens or will they reinvest?