What's this crazy terminology?


What is a Wicked Problem?

Some of the Earth's problems are too big to be solved by just one organisation. Take the refugee crisis, the island of plastic soup island in the Great Ocean, or the inaccessibility of legal aid to the larger part of the world's population. We call these problems Wicked Problems. These are problems which are typically not held by just one organisation, or one responsible party. They have multiple influencers and stakeholders, both people who contribute to the problem and people who strive to find solutions.

The format

The Wicked Problems Plaza (WPP) is an intellectual concept developed by Professor Rob van Tulder of the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). The Wicked Problems Plaza is located in the New World Campus (NWC) in the Hague, which is a hub for entrepreneurs, researchers, development practitioners and investors who work together on global issues relating to sustainability and international development. The WPP methodology is further developed and customised by the PrC in collaboration with the NWC. The WPP aims to provide entrepreneurial’ solutions to societal problems that require interaction of all societal spheres, and that lead to sustainable and inclusive approaches. The Plaza brings stakeholders with diverse – and often divergent – perspectives and interests together. The Wicked Problems Plaza provides a safe environment in which participants are taken on a journey – lasting an hour, a day or more – from abstract problems and vague ideas to realistic solutions and potential business cases. The Plaza uses techniques to actively identify dilemmas and remove blockages that hinder collaborative solutions.

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Partnership Resource Centre and the WPP

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What is a Swarm?

A Swarm is a network of people with divergent ideas, experience, knowledge and expertise. The Swarm is more than a network. It operates democratically. Those who contribute to the DAO's within the Swarm, have a say and contribute in the financial, social or material revenue. People within the Swarm are like bees. They spread their expertise over various projects, operate in various teams and DAO's and together they form 1 collective and abundant swarm intelligence.

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What is a Pop Up Company (PUC)?

A PUC is a company which is set up for a special occasion by people from the Swarm. A group of people from the Swarm organise themselves around temporary PUC's. They focus on the PUC's mission and once the mission is accomplished they decide on the PUC's next stage. It can be liquidated, sold, merged or independently continued.

PUC is a spring off from DCO, or Decentralised Collective Organisation (DCO). Follow these twitterfeeds for more info on DCO;

@Swarmcorp and  @Acook3

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What are Swarmtokens?

Swarmtokens are a currency which is distributed within the Swarm. Swarmtokens can be transformed into PUC shares, PUC products, or services by people from the Swarm.

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