When   16 February 2018

Place   Impact Hub Amsterdam

You might have thought of crowdfunding, but how to start a succesfull campain? This is were the CROWDFUNDING BOOTCAMP kicks in. In just one day you will start your own crowdfunding campain. If you follow Margreet van der Pijl's strategy, you 'll definitely succeed in getting the funding you need to jumpstart your business.

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BeE-Collective & 7Senses event, Zeist

When   09 November 2017, Municipality Zeist

Place   TBA

During the Bee-Collective & 7Senses event, Citizens and People working for the municipality will work together in Pop Up teams, exchanged tokens and experience how the Bee-Collective methodology works.

BeE-coming your COLLECTIVE - event

When   Next event 2018, TBA

Place   TBA

During the Bee-coming your Collective event, we'll welcome people that have an aspiration to start a project around a Wicked World Problem. The aim of this (informal) event is to form PUCs that – from that night on – will start developing a clear goal and mission for their project.

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Accelerate YOUR COLLECTIVE - bootcamp

When   Next event TBA

Place   TBA

Formulating goals is one thing – achieving them is what it is all about. The three-day Accelerate your Collective bootcamp will incubate newly-formed Pop Up Companies (PUCs) and help translate ideas (i.e. goals) into viable business model.

Ongoing events

Master classes for Pop-Up teams

We organise Bee Collective master classes for teams that have started a Pop-Up Company.