Why Bee Collective?

We want to fight the big world problems. But we also have to earn a living. Bee Collective believes that by developing business models that contribute to a better world and realise them together we can make this happen. That’s our dream.

What do we do?

  • We organise events, sessions and kick-off meetings that result in Pop-Up Companies (PUCs)
  • We initiate master classes to follow up on these events and to accompany the PUCs on their way to a new world

How are we doing this?

  • We unravel the problem, preferably with everyone in the field who has an interest
  • We look for common ground to tackle the problem
  • Together with professional entrepreneurs we coach the teams on how to translate their ideas into Pop-Up Companies

Which tools do we use?


A swarm is a group of people with divergent ideas, experience, knowledge and expertise. People within the swarm are like bees. They spread their expertise over various projects, operate in various teams and together they form abundant swarm intelligence. The swarm is more than a network.


A Pop-Up Company (PUC) is a company initiated by people from the swarm for a special occasion. A PUC operates democratically. Those who contribute to the PUCs have a say and share in the financial, social or material revenue.


Some of the earth’s problems are too big to be solved by just one organisation. The refugee crisis, the plastic soup island in the Great Ocean or climate change, to name a few. We call these problems Wicked Problems (WPs), because they have multiple influencers and stakeholders.


The Wicked Problems Plaza (WPP) aims to provide entrepreneurial solutions to societal problems that require interaction of all societal spheres, and that lead to sustainable and inclusive approaches. The Plaza brings stakeholders with diverse – and often divergent – perspectives and interests together. WPP is an intellectual concept developed by professor Rob van Tulder of the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).


Within the PUCs it is possible to use swarmtokens as a special currency, a kind of distribution code. 

Who are we?

Margreet van der Pijl | founder and queen bee

Sara Stevensons | marketing & communications

Reena Tops | core team member & marketing  

Anne-Brit Voorn | core team member & event producer

Marianne Soons | core team member 

Bas Oosterwal | art director and photographer

Daan Spits | webdesigner, storyteller en photographer

Edwin Stoop | visual artist, founder Sketching Maniacs 

Ard Hordijk | facilitator

Alide Roerink | facilitator 

Pascale Roubroeks | facilitator 

Xander Mouthaan | facilitator