Bee Collective in 5 steps

Step 1

A company or an organisation introduces a Wicked Problem to Bee Collective

Step 2

A group of stakeholders from the Swarm, who represent a 360 degree view on the problem, will unravel the Wicked Problem and define the first Next Steps in a one-day session. A mission statement and a list of ToDo's are put together.

Step 3

Stakeholders and other people from the Swarm take up on a ToDo which suits them. Core teams will arise around ToDo's with (existing) business opportunities.  

Step 4

The core team starts a crowdfunding campaign and finds investors. New ToDo's are presented. Those who contribute will share in the abundance. 

Step 5

When the ToDo's are done, all contributors decide what the next steps are to help the Wicked Problem move forward. Will it continue into a next stage? Are the revenues paid out or will the Swarm reinvest?